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Sales materials

Do you want to create content that will present your company’s offer in an attractive way?

Well-prepared commercial materials are an important component of sales support in your company. Even the best salespeople need to be equipped with appropriate tools so that they can effectively conduct and finalise talks with customers, partners or contractors.

Remember that effective sales materials are prepared focussing first and foremost on the way in which with your customers make purchases. The use of sales arguments and language of benefits should depend on who the document or presentation is addressed to. Shopping motivations depend, among other things, on the customer’s position or industry, and it is their role that should be taken into consideration.

When creating sales materials, it is essential to know the company, the product or the service, and to be able to translate this knowledge into the language of the customer or future user.


Otherwise, even the most attractive offer may be met with a lack of understanding and interest on the part of the audience.



Do you need some material to start commercial talks with?


The general offer will present your company, its vision, mission and all its strengths. Its task is to initiate contact, engage the interest of potential customers or partners and encourage further talks.



Do you want to enter the market with a new product or increase sales of existing services?


The offer will present your product or service in an attractive manner and at the same time it will contain all the necessary information on the features, prices and parameters that may be of interest to a potential customer.



Do you need a brief description that will present the very essence of your offer?


A marketing flyer or brochure can provide important sales support by informing customers about a new offer or promotion as well as providing key information about your business.



Do you want to present your brand or offer with material that will attract everybody’s attention?


A sales catalogue or image folder is a way to present your business in the most comprehensive way. There will be enough space for all the necessary information while the design that will testify to your professionalism.



Do you want to ensure the quality of your training materials so that they present knowledge in a transparent and attractive way?


Regardless of whether training materials are intended for internal use or for people outside your company, it is equally important to take proper care of the content and the way it is presented. This will make it easier for your recipients to gain knowledge and make them more willing to benefit from further trainings.



Do you want to show your potential customers that you are an expert in your industry and encourage them to contact you?


By working together, we can prepare a Report, Case Study, Infographics, White Paper or any other material that will show your knowledge and commitment convincing customers that it is worthwhile to collaborate with your company!

When entrusting the preparation of sales materials to us, you can be sure that:

We will identify the target audience and determine what kind of arguments might have a positive effect on their purchasing decisions.

We will present your company, offer, products or services in a clear and attractive way.

We will take care of the appropriate visual aspect tailored to your identification.

We will prepare materials in accordance with your needs – in a digital or ready-to-print form.

We will equip your sales department with a set of tools that will allow you to conduct sales negotiations at the appropriate level!

Properly prepared sales material can tip the balance in your favour during business talks.


Appreciate your salespeople by creating attractive tools for them.



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