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Let’s get to know each other


You came here because you realise that these days effective marketing is the basis of every company? Even with the best product, you can easily disappear among other similar offers. Like everyone else, you want to sell more, but you realise that the way to the goal is more complicated than just advertising. You see the potential of the new media and want to communicate better with your audience. You are ambitious and open to new proposals; you want to create a coherent concept of marketing activities.


We are flexible and easily adapt to your needs. We listen and analyse, and thanks to many years of experience we only implement effective solutions. You will find that working with a team that cares about your success is completely different. Our commitment translates into your sales. We create a story around you; we build a strong brand that will evoke the desired emotions. We are professionals, so we save your time and money. We optimise actions and constantly strive for the goal. We use all available channels of communication if only they really fit your needs.

Thought-through action is the key to your success.

From needs analysis to goal achievement.

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    Needs analysis

    Identifying business objectives and existing needs.

  • 2

    Ideas and proposals

    Presentation of concepts and ways of solving problems.

  • 3

    Implementation and monitoring

    Taking actions (communication tools and channels) and optimising them.

  • 4

    Goal achievement

    Summary of the results achieved and joy at the results!

Let’s get to know each other! We can soon work together.

It is to us that you will entrust your marketing activities.

Business Development Director & Strategist

Bartosz Głowacki

Project Manager

Maciej Zabłocki

Brand Consultant & Art Director

Bartosz Głowacki

Customer Experience & Operations Manager

Anna Głowacka


Izabela Malinowska

IT Manager

Mateusz Buszkiewicz

Project Manager & Graphic Designer

Daniel Rusnak

Good Mood Manager


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